R&D Park Products


R&D Park products

R&D Park of Krastsvetmet is aimed to support the commercial science and technology research and development in collaboration with outside researchers, technological corporations, venture capital, institutes and private industry

R&D Park of krastsvetmet — infrastructure for technology development and its transfer to industrial partners.


  • platform for new approaches for precious metals handling and new products development
  • the world best equipment of research and analysis
  • simplified access to industrial processes
  • R&D Park of Krastsvetmet — competences and specialization

WIN-WIN conception: R&D Park projects should be of interest for all sides of cooperation


Idea development

Krastsvetmet provides simplified funding process for startups and projects in the early stage, shares its management resources to achieve the best results of cooperation


Facility space to each member

Krastsvetmet provides space with all necessary infrastructure for the realization of your ideas based in the industrial site area

  • Simplified access to industrial processes
  • Competences share for project growth
  • Infrastructure use for small scale production

Metal access

Access to precious metals handling

Krastsvetmet provides pure precious metals for laboratory and large-scale testing


Krastsvetmet partnership network for products development and distribution

Krastsvetmet contributes to the development of the project in research and in the commercial field.

  • Partnership network use for common interest
  • Prompt attraction of the best technical solutions and expertise
  • Access to worldwide embedded distribution channels

Scale up

Co-participation in tenders

Krastsvetmet jointly participates in large Russian and international tenders which do not permit start-ups and small businesses.

  • Market entry point multiplication
  • Sustainable business development
  • Initiates the orders requiring significant investments for implementation

Possible partnership forms* and members scope

Operation scheme