Developments in Platinum Refining


Selective precipitation processes. Separating metal ions from an aqueous solution by using reagents

Solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction. Components distribution between two immiscible phases, aqueous and organic

Sorption or ion exchange. Metals are recovered by elution with different resins

Refining methods combined versatilely to suit initial feedstock and process constrains

Each refining method involves specific benefits and drawbacks

Precipitation processes are most applied globally

Advanced Platinum recovery solution

Conventional precipitation takes up to 48 hours of operating

Advanced solution delivers high purity Pt within 5 hours only

Advanced solution treats the most common variety of PGM feedstock

Outstanding running efficiency of advanced solution with improved velocity and recovery rates

Advanced solution brings new benefits to the market

Easy scalable up to any required capacity

Direct Pt recovery is increased up to 8-10%

Cut on operating cycles from 3-4 to 2, and running time savings from 48 hours to 5 only

High purity product 3N8 (Pt 99,98%)

Environmental sustainable technology, no acids used

Greater savings on the facility space without loss of capacity and performance

Cooperation and implementation point at R&D Park Krastsvetmet

Cooperation and implementation point at R&D Park


1943. Krastsvetmet was established

1965. Development department for improving technology

2016. R&D Park platform for creating new products, materials and technologies

73 years of sustainable development

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