Expert review of the projects submitted for the Startup Development Program is completed

In total, 150 innovators from 15 cities of Russia and neighboring countries were registered in the Program. 74 projects were qualified for expert review. Authors of 9 best ideas were invited for finals in Krasnoyarsk:

  • Development of electrolysis cells for hydroelectrometallurgic production of non-ferrous and precious metals.
  • Cathode reduction of silver halides and sulphides by way of electrolysis.
  • Creation of an efficient industrial centrifugal gravity concentrator for processing of raw materials containing platinum group metals with obtaining of concentrate suitable for melting.
  • Device for extraction of fine and thin nonmagnetic fractions of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals from mixture of disperse nonmagnetic materials.
  • Creation of a common distributed base of jewelry.
  • Isotopically clean platinum group metals.
  • Development of an electric sorption filter for precious metal extraction from water solutions.
  • A new class of Pd(ll) and Pt(ll) redox-active complexes with pharmacophore dihydro-bi-1,10-phenanthrolines, systems of their delivery and composites of nano-clusters of Ag, Au, Pd, and Pt with polysaccharide hydrogels for antibacterial and antitumour therapy.
  • Synthesis and examination of gold nanoparticles of various shapes and magnetic nanoparticles on the basis of iron compounds covered with gold for biomedical purposes.
  • Representatives of the selected teams will visit Krasnoyarsk in December for onsite review and finals of the Program: they will see the largest Russian precious metal refinery, finalize their projects with Krastsvetmet experts and make presentations addressing the expert committee.

The winners of Startup Development Program will receive funding for further development of their projects, offers on collaboration from Krastsvetmet and other preferences.

The organizers also plan to work with the authors of another 20 projects that were not selected during expert review in a remote manner and via Skype sessions in December 2017. Besides, all the applications and projects will remain in the base of potential R&D Park residents and Krastsvetmet partners. Decision on each project will be revised every 6 months.

For information:

Startup Development Program was created for researchers and entrepreneurs in the area of precious metals. Industrial partner of the program is Krastsvetmet.

150 registrations in the Program.

74 projects passed the stage of expert review.

20 projects were selected for further collaboration.

9 finalists were invited for the finals in Krasnoyarsk.