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R&D Park is an infrastructure for creation and transfer of precious metals technologies.
Competences and specialization
  • Activity line 01RefiningPrecious metals refining processes: hydrometallurgy (extraction, filtration, sorption), pyrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, primary and secondary materials complex processing.
  • Activity line 02MetalworkingPrecious metals jewellery and technical alloys development. Precious metals treatment technologies. Precious metals industrial appliances manufacturing.
  • Activity line 03Environmental technologiesRecycling. Catalytysis. Gas emission purification. Energy efficiency.
  • Activity line 04Mathematical modellingPhysical processes simulation: hydrodynamic, thermodynamic, gasdynamic, chemical. Internal industrial processes modelling. Industrial appliances operation process modelling. New precious metals alloys and composite materials properties modelling.
  • Activity line 05EngineeringProcess audit. Basic engineering. EPC(M) contracting. Personnel training.